Thursday, October 13, 2011

Long Time No Post..

Note to self: When creating a blog actually post items on it. Here are a few videos that have been keeping me busy and not blog posting.


Pretty much did a bit of everything on this piece from modeling texturing animating to rendering. Full credits found here.

Nike "Talon" from Süperfad on Vimeo.
This one was a little more straight forward, i rigged and animated the loom in the beginning. Full credits found here.

Another straight forward job, asset builder, i built the cliff side in the "Romance" section along with the snow banks in the "Documentary" section. All modeled textured and rendered. Full credits found here.

I really wish I got to do more on this awesome job but I got married right in the middle of it. Mostly modeled and just did a bit of animation. Full credits found here.